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September 5, 2012

 I love dark lips, especially when paired with the pastiest of skin colors and a solid, well groomed brow. I am particularly taken with the semi-sheer purple tones popping up everywhere this fall.  If Angela Chase grew up and was interning in a stuffy old office, she would totally be wearing this. Probably. OFFICE GOTH.




2] A$AP ROCKY. This obsession is ongoing for obvious reasons. DREAM$$$.



3] This Opening Ceremony Pop-Up bag is on the top of my wish-list.   Since it costs $450 however, it is likely to remain at the top of this list for eternity. Is it the perfect everyday/travel/evening/biking bag though. Guh. Being poor is lame you guys.


4] I can’t get enough of this Scientology scandal! TELL ME EVERYTHING VANITY FAIR!!!! Seriously, the October issue cannot get her quick enough.


5] YES. I know ombré is such a snooty word and everyone is sick to death of it. Ombré nails, ombré hair, ombré blah, ombré blah. But my evolution is a little more delayed than most, and i’m still in to it. It’s a good option for people who are indecisive or who are afraid to commit fully to one extreme. I don’t care about these tights (well, i’m not mad at them or anything) but what I really want to apply this gradient to is a wall in my house. Bedroom to be specific. Dark on the bottom faded out to a nice dovey grey. Seems like it would be a whole lot of work though.

Maybe i’ll just ombré my hurr again.

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